About Us


Our History...

Wine Enterprises specializes in the Importation and Distribution of Quality Portuguese Wines.  For countless generations we have been involved with many aspects of the wine business.  Using that experience and knowledge, we have acquired an exquisite collection of wines from all regions of Portugal.  Bringing old world wines to modern day setting is our passion. 


Our Philosophy...

“Savor the Great Wines of Portugal!”  Whether it is the first glass of wine that you will ever enjoy or you are a seasoned collector, we have a wine from Portugal to delight your senses.  We believe that although unique in character and name from other countries, the comfort and familiarity of the wide-ranging possibilities leaves something for    

everyone.  Wines from Portugal can be paired perfectly and appreciated in any occasion.


Our Future...

Growing in territory along the eastern seaboard and increasing our portfolio, we insist to maintain high standards.  As we move forward in an ever-evolving environment, we look to continue bringing great products at great value all the while adapting to the desires of the consumers. We will continue to partner with the best producers and distributors to meet the desires of wine lovers from novices to connoisseurs. Cheers!